Now Yearbook 80-84: Vinyl Extra Vol.2 Numbered Coloured Vinyl 5-LP Box Set
Now Yearbook 80-84: Vinyl Extra Vol.2 Numbered Coloured Vinyl 5-LP Box Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Now Yearbook 80-84: Vinyl Extra Vol.2 Numbered Coloured Vinyl 5-LP Box Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Now Yearbook 80-84: Vinyl Extra Vol.2 Numbered Coloured Vinyl 5-LP Box Set

Now Yearbook 80-84: Vinyl Extra Vol.2 Numbered Coloured Vinyl 5-LP Box Set

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Each release in our ‘Yearbook’ series includes a vinyl edition, featuring a selection of tracks taken from the full line-up found on the CD version. Inevitably, this has meant that a huge number of fabulous tracks have not been included on the LP versions… plus we have also released an accompanying CD ‘Extra’ for each of the years.


In late 2022 we released ‘NOW - Yearbook 1980 - 1984: Vinyl Extra’ - a 5LP boxset featuring an album per year for the period 1980-1984, each including an incredible line-up of tracks taken from either the ‘Yearbook’ or ‘Extra’ that hadn’t been included on a ‘Yearbook’ vinyl edition before. Now for the vinyl collectors, we proudly present the second, and final volume ‘NOW - Yearbook 1980 - 1984: Vinyl Extra: Vol.2’, featuring 78 more moments of Pop magic in a numbered limited-edition boxset – with each vinyl pressed in the colour of the years’ original ‘Yearbook’. As with the previous edition, none of the tracks appeared on a ’Yearbook’ vinyl edition before..


1980: Kicking off with Queen’s classic ‘Flash’, before a line-up including Paul McCartney with ‘Waterfalls’, The Clash with ‘Bankrobber’, The Cure, Grace Jones and Madness. Dancefloor hits from Diana Ross and The Gap Band, are joined by electronic pop from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, John Foxx, and Devo.


1981: The Police lead a stellar collection that includes on Side One, The Jam, The Teardrop Explodes, Siouxsie and The Banshees and pure pop from Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin and Aneka with their #1s… whilst side two celebrates the explosion of artists enjoying massive synth based hits in 1981, featuring The Human League, Soft Cell, Visage, Spandau Ballet and Heaven 17 – with time for soul ballads from Randy Crawford and Grover Washington feat. Bill Withers.


1982: Roxy Music, ABC, Dollar, Haircut 100, Japan, The Associates, Toyah, and Gary Numan all presented shiny new pop hits in 1982, included here alongside huge soul-pop crossover hits from Shalamar, Dionne Warwick and Fat Larry’s Band.


1983: Opening with ‘Flashdance (What A Feeling)’ one of ‘83’s biggest hits for Irene Cara, and featuring the best of the year’s contemporary chart stars including New Order, Altered Images, Echo And The Bunnymen and Aztec Camera… plus pop smashes from Duran Duran, Adam Ant, and Nick Heyward – before Marillion’s debut hit ‘Garden Party’, Tom Robinson’s timeless ‘War Baby’ – and a perennial Christmas favourite, ‘2000 Miles’ from the Pretenders.


1984: An incredible year for pop is celebrated here with a run of hits from Eurythmics, Ultravox, Nik Kershaw, Culture Club, and Bananarama on the first side… Flip the disc for Hi-NRG and Electro-dance classics from Bronski Beat, Dead Or Alive, Evelyn Thomas, Divine, Shannon and signing off with the enduring feel-good anthem ‘It’s Raining Men’ from The Weather Girls’.


For ‘Yearbook’ collectors and vinyl fans – 78 amazing Pop memories showcasing the magic and diversity of the era.


5-LP - Numbered Limited-Edition Boxset – Coloured Vinyl - NOW - Yearbook 1980 - 1984: Vinyl Extra – Vol.2





LP1 – 1980 SIDE A

1.           Queen - Flash 

2.           Diana Ross - My Old Piano 

3.           The Gap Band - I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops, Up Side Your Head) 

4.           Hot Chocolate - No Doubt About It  

5.           Robert Palmer - Johnny And Mary 

6.           Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages 

7.           John Foxx - Underpass  

8.           New Musik - Living By Numbers 


LP1 – 1980 SIDE B

1.           Paul McCartney – Waterfalls (DJ Edit)

2.           The Clash - Bankrobber 

3.           Grace Jones - Private Life 

4.           The Cure - A Forest 

5.           Devo - Whip It 

6.           Madness – Embarrassment 

7.           The Regents - 7 Teen

8.           Bow Wow Wow - C30 C60 C90 Go  


LP2 – 1981 SIDE A

1.           The Police - Spirits In The Material World 

2.           The Jam - Absolute Beginners 

3.           The Teardrop Explodes - Treason (It's Just A Story) 

4.           Siouxsie And The Banshees - Spellbound 

5.           Godley & Creme - Under Your Thumb 

6.           Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - It's My Party 

7.           Aneka - Japanese Boy 

8.           Stars On 45 – Stars On 45


LP2 – 1981 SIDE B

1.           The Human League - Love Action (I Believe In Love) 

2.           Visage - Visage 

3.           Soft Cell - Bedsitter 

4.           Heaven 17 – Play To Win

5.           Spandau Ballet - The Freeze  

6.           Randy Crawford - Rainy Night In Georgia  

7.           Grover Washington, Jr. feat. Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us  

8.           John Lennon - Watching The Wheels (Ultimate Mix)


LP3 – 1982 SIDE A

1.           Roxy Music - More Than This 

2.           ABC - Poison Arrow 

3.           Dollar - Mirror Mirror  

4.           Haircut 100 - Nobody's Fool 

5.           The Associates - Club Country 

6.           Dexys Midnight Runners & Kevin Rowland - Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) 

7.           Monsoon – Ever So Lonely 

8.           Toyah – Brave New World 


LP3 – 1982 SIDE B

1.           Gary Numan - Music For Chameleons 

2.           Trio - Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha 

3.           Japan - I Second That Emotion 

4.           The Maisonettes – Heartache Avenue 

5.           Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater 

6.           Shalamar - I Can Make You Feel Good 

7.           Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker 

8.           Fat Larry’s Band - Zoom  


LP4 – 1983 SIDE A

1.           Irene Cara - Flashdance…What A Feeling  

2.           New Order - Confusion  

3.           Altered Images - Don't Talk To Me About Love 

4.           Echo And The Bunnymen - The Cutter  

5.           Aztec Camera - Oblivious  

6.           The Lotus Eaters - The First Picture Of You

7.           The Belle Stars - Sign Of The Times 

8.           Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know 


LP4 – 1983 SIDE B

1.           Duran Duran - Union Of The Snake  

2.           Adam Ant - Puss 'n Boots 

3.           Nick Heyward - Blue Hat For A Blue Day 

4.           Paul Young - Come Back And Stay 

5.           Marillion - Garden Party  

6.           Tom Robinson - War Baby   

7.           Pretenders - 2000 Miles  


LP5 – 1984 SIDE A

1.           Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) 

2.           Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

3.           Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good 

4.           Culture Club - The War Song 

5.           Thompson Twins - You Take Me Up 

6.           Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting

7.           Alison Moyet - Invisible 


LP5 – 1984 SIDE B

1.           Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

2.           Dead Or Alive - That's The Way (I Like It) 

3.           Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me 

4.           Shannon - Let The Music Play  

5.           Evelyn Thomas - High Energy 

6.           Hazell Dean - Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man)  

7.           Divine - You Think You’re A Man  

8.           The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men